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February 24, 2023

Is your CX programme well positioned for success in 2023?

The economic headwinds continue to swirl through Q1 2023. While organisations batten down the hatches, CX leaders will be challenged to secure support and investment through turbulent times.

So what will this next economic period bring for CX and what should CX leaders do to optimise their impact? With Forrester predicting that 20% of CX programmes will disappear in 2023, how can you ensure your programme not only survives, but is among the predicted 10% who thrive?

At W5, we work with many organisations across service industries, and we know that CX is certainly not a one-size fits-all. CX programmes vary in terms of purpose and sophistication, and those organisations who recognise that their brand lives or dies by its customer experience, rally around the continuous pursuit of its excellence.

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