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Four steps to engaged teams and happy customers. Celebrating CX Day 2020.

Over the last months of change, disruption and continued uncertainty we’ve been reminded that people make a company great. Those that bring their ideas and passion to drive forward in the face of change and challenge. Those that are able to anticipate change. Those that are able to design new products, services and approaches. And those that are able to implement them.

On CX Day we celebrate all of those people. They are the ones who bring customer experience alive. Well done.

There is a strong link between the people in organisations and their happy customers. It’s a model you can work with to inject collaboration and customer focus into your products, service design and delivery. There are four key steps to follow:

  1. Understand the functional and emotional needs of your team.
  2. Drive collaboration within the organisation with a customer focus.
  3. Leverage the insight and understanding from your teams to anticipate, design and implement improvements to keep you ahead of external change.
  4. Be clear on the internal and customer facing behaviours required to define your business and to grow your customer base.




By empowering people as enablers of customer centricity, you’re supporting the design and delivery of customer experiences that add value. An engagement focus will bring teams and employees together.Collaborating and unlocking solutions.


 In celebration of CX Day and in recognition of all those people making a difference, we’re offering two companies a collaborative and engaging workshop with your customer-facing team members. Those that you want to celebrate.

Attendees at the workshop will:

  • Be engaged with customer experience, and
  • Become important collaborators to uncover ideas and
    opportunities to take CX forward

In addition to celebrating your teams, you’ll have the chance to

implement the great ideas that we’ll uncover.

Click here to register your interest.

Happy CX Day 2020 

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